We take an open-minded approach to each project, although tangible constraints will influence the make-up of a project to some extent, construction is foremost a human endeavour. With a keen eye and attention to detail, Diamond Construction SL  insures each home's perfection with an extensive checklist that not only eliminates mistakes but also insures only the highest quality of construction during the building process.



Frank O’Hara founder and managing director of Diamond Construction began his career in construction at the age of 18 working on a large infrastructure project in London UK. He worked on many other projects in Ireland, UK, France, USA, Portugal, Spain and South Africa, they include large commercial buildings, housing developments, infrastructure projects & golf resorts. He moved to Spain in 2000 and built a large high-end townhouse development at Duquesa. His development, La Vizcaronda is widely regarded as the best townhouse development on the Costa Del Sol. We have built a number of high-end Mediterranean & Contemporary style Villas and have also completed a number of large refurbishments of villas in Spain.

 You will find Frank on the construction site most days, as he is intimately involved in the construction of each home. He recognizes that building a custom home is a luxury that requires great patience, deliberation, and communication. He knows how to actively listen and ask questions to arrive at the best quality with the best possible price. He believes that a home should be a partnership between the builder and the homeowner.

 Los Flamingos Day 1b



Over the past decade, we have built an excellent team committed to building customers the home they expect and deserve. We understand that only when a builder, homeowner, and craftsmen work together can they produce a home that is the fulfilment of their client's dream.

22 Villa 48 Pool

14 Villa 48 Bath


55.La Paloma 48 Garden e

17 Villa 48 Gym

7 Villa 48 Fireplace

La Paloma 48 Kitchen

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